Boston Questival Adventure

Travel comes in many shapes and forms, but perhaps none are more high energy and fast paced than Questival. Questival is a 24 hour travel challenge put on by the company Cotopaxi. For the travel enthusiasts looking for a little bit more of an adventure during the travels, Questival might just be the best way to see the city of Boston.

In the Questival event, adventurers from all over the world join together to explore a new place or discover new things about their own cities. The challenge leaves racers only 24 hours to complete as many tasks as possible; some of the challenges include planting a tree, bowling a strike, finding the highest point you can get to and taking a photo, and hammocking in an urban space. Each challenger is given one of the Cotopaxi technical backpacks to test out during their adventures; from there, the goal of the quest is to go on an adventure, to have fun, and to do good in the world around you. Teams form of about 2 to 4 people, they pick a team name, and then get adventuring.


Here are some examples of teams and the great adventures they had in Boston last year.

Team: Adventure Inc.

Challenge: Take a team photo from the highest vantage point you can access for free.

questival challenge in boston

Boston sky line baby! #questival


Challenge: Hike the trails of the Blue Hills Reservation and take a team photo at Eliot Tower.

boston questival challenge

Blue hills hike! It’s all downhill from here, get it, down hill?? #questival


Challenge: Visit a local ski resort and take a picture in front of resort sign.

boston questival challenge

Yeah they ski there! #questival


Challenge: Take a team photo at your favorite Christopher Columbus Park location then go “LIKE” The “Friends of Christopher Columbus Park” Facebook page and post your picture there.

boston questival challenge

Also liked the Facebook page! #questival


Team: Bay of Llamas Invasion

Challenge: Recreate a piece of art from the state artist of Massachusetts.

boston questival challenge

We’ll let you guess which is the original #questival


Challenge: Plant A Tree

questival challenge in boston, plant a tree

Planted a baby tree in my side yard! #questival


Team: Slow Pro

Challenge: It is NOW the end of your 24th hour of Questival, share with us the best photo/video of where you ended up.

boston questival challenge girl in a lake

This was so fun and refreshing! Also a private lake that we convinced some lovely people to share for free #questival


Challenge: Summit Noanet Peak and take a team photo with the Boston skyline in the background.

questival in boston, teammates at the top of a peak with boston skyline in the back

#allthewayup #questival


Challenge: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Very quietly take a picture at the Boston Central Library reading room. (No running and be respectful of this beautiful space)

boston questival challenge in the boston library



If you are adventurous and fun and nursing any kind of wanderlust, this kind of travel is absolutely worth a try. Travel should be about more than the spots on the map and the designated tourist locations. Travel is about the people you are with and the experiences you create in the space together. Experience your world differently. Check out the Cotopaxi website to find a Questival near you.


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