How to Vacation with Grandparents

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Vacationing with grandparents is great for bringing the whole family together. However, it can be difficult to plan activities and trips that everyone, no matter the age, will enjoy. Discover how finding the right place, including everyone, and travel assistance all play into the perfect vacation.

grandpa sitting near the beach while on vacation

Find the right place

Finding a vacation spot that multiple generations will enjoy is tricky. Young kids will want to spend time running around riding roller coasters, while grandparents have a slower pace and may be more interested in sightseeing or shopping. Ideal vacations will accommodate everyone; finding activities that everyone will enjoy like biking, horseback riding, or easy hiking trails. Trips to the beach or cruises are great as well because kids can play and grandparents can relax. If  exploring big cities, there is always the option to split up in the mornings and then reconvene for lunch.

Split finances

Make sure that it is clear before leaving on vacation how finances will be split up. Will you buy your own food? If you are sharing a lodge, are you going to split the cost? Some grandparents insist on paying for things, so if that’s the case, be sure you find a nice way to thank them for their generosity on the trip and after. You can take them to a nice meal, or give them a photobook with pictures from the vacation.

Give people their space

When planning your trip, consider living arrangements and ensure that everyone has enough space. Check the number of private rooms, bathrooms, and space in general. There may be early-birds, light sleepers, bathroom hogs, etc., so whether you are in a lodge, hotel, or rental house, check that everyone is comfortable with the arrangements before booking.

Include everyone

When on a vacation with lots of people, it is important to help everyone feel like they have been able to do what they wanted to do. Involve the kids and the grandparents in planning the vacation and listen to each voice. Asking for involvement will ensure that everyone feels included, and that the correct activities are planned.

Keep it short

Vacations are always nice, but being with your own parents, or in-laws for too long may get overwhelming. The perfect amount of time for a vacation with the grandparents is a few days; anything longer than a week will give you too much togetherness, and the vacation may turn sour. Shorter vacations let you have a more focused and structured vacation, while longer ones leave more opportunity for long stretches of time where people can get bored.

Travel assistants

If grandparents are older, it can be hard to take them on trips due to health problems and/or fatigue. But that shouldn’t stop you from spending valuable time with them, all while treating them to a vacation. There are many services that provide assistance to wheelchair-bound or elderly family members. This kind of assistance can help ease the stress of trying to coordinate transportation, and allow the entire family to enjoy their vacation.


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