Santorini, Greece

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      Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself. You don’t want to cut corners, you don’t want to cheat yourself, you just want to fully indulge in every second of a place and leave completely edified in every possible way your traveling soul needs. And that’s why we have the island of Santorini in Greece.


It is a traveler’s gift from God and men. It’s natural beauty was created by the remains of an erupted volcano in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The addition of the architecture, location, and hospitality of the Greek people here truly make it a place where you’ll be spoiled.


Oia is a village at the northern end of the island, most known for its sunsets. The colors are world-renowned, especially from the Sunset Serenade Point. But aside from that there are buildings of interest ranging from a captain’s mansion to cave dwellings for sailors. A weaving mill produces textiles that you could purchase if you choose. A museum showcases the history of the naval facts of the area, for history buffs. But mostly visitors choose to watch the sun set in all its vibrant glory over the sea.


The village of Kamari offers the infamous black beach. Other beaches on the island actually offer other colors as well, depending on where they’re located and just how much is exposed. Some are red, some black, some white. The geology of the island is just as interesting as its history due to the volcanic activity that has occurred.


Fira is the capital of the island, offering several services for the traveler of all types. It is mostly a home base for anyone wishing to go elsewhere on the island. Shops and cafes along its narrow streets can either be enticing or exhausting, with so much to offer. The views from the cliffs are most dramatic. Several hundred feet above sea level you’ll find the tiered whitewashed city below you and even further the sea. A cable car is available to see the island from the air, if you wish to stand in line for it. If not, there are donkeys that carry you up and down the 500 plus stairs.


The Museum of Prehistoric Thera shares beautiful ancient artifacts from the island’s earlier inhabitants, especially those from the ruins of Akrotiri, destroyed centuries ago. Akrotiri is even available to visit if you wish to go and see the original ruins, a small percentage of which has actually been excavated. Fira will allow you to go most everywhere else on the island.


A few other villages on the island will give you a variety of entertainment. As usual there are cafes, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and a variety of lodging available depending on what you want.


You can do private boat tours, wine tasting, shop, visit churches of all types, and always enjoy the views. Really, it’s the beauty of the sheer cliffs, the Aegean sea, colored beaches, and captivating sunsets that rejuvenates your soul. And that’s where you really can’t go wrong with Santorini.



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