Stunning Scenery of Moorea: Opunohu Bay

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Just south of the Hawaiian Islands lies the French Polynesian Islands. Most people know Polynesia for Bora Bora and Tahiti, but there is an island located between these islands called Moorea. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Moorea offers beautiful views of clear, blue water and tropical landscapes. One of the most popular areas of Moorea is Opunohu Bay. In this picturesque location, coral reef create a relaxing lagoon. This bay is a popular vacation destination, and here are some things that you should check out while visiting.


Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is one of the most popular hikes in Moorea. It is not a peak of great height, but more of a hill. This hill, however, offers a spectacular view. From on top of Magic Mountain you can see Moorea’s various peaks, lush vegetation, and the shimmering Opunohu Bay. This peak is an ideal spot for all tourists and is accessible by hiking or ATV. There are even ATV tours offered on the island to take tourists to this beautiful view.

Ta’ahiamanu Beach

Opunohu Bay is lined with coral reef, making its beaches perfect for snorkeling. It is one of the few public access beaches the island offers: Ta’ahiamanu Beach.This beach offers ideal white sand with a relaxed environment. The water is crystal clear and great for swimming. It is also an ideal spot for picnics, beach sports, and other casual beach activities.

Moorea Tropical Garden

Explore the majestic Tropical Garden of Moorea. You can dine on fruit, jams, and more while you enjoy the colors of the tropical flowers and fruit plants. Be sure to take a stroll through their greenhouse where they grow vanilla. You will be enchanted by all of the exotic wildlife and vibrant colors.

Pineapple Plantation

At the pineapple plantation you can tour pineapple fields. Walk through the lush field and enjoy the aroma of pineapples. You will be surprised to see how they actually grow. Afterwards, you can visit Jus de Fruits de Moorea, a winery that lets you taste and purchase their pineapple wine and juices. You won’t find anything sweeter.

Hilton Moorea Resort

When you are exploring Moorea, be sure to book your stay at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa.  It is close to many of the attractions mentioned above and offers private water bungalows with a view that can’t be beat. The resort is situated between Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay, and has been considered one of the best on the island. 


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